The Sunday Soother

Hello and welcome to The Sunday Soother, written by me, Catherine Andrews!

"This newsletter is like if you had an older sister who explained both skincare AND spirituality to you in ways you could actually understand."

A newsletter about self-reflection, finding hope in a messy world, and practical spirituality that goes out every Sunday morning. One essay, recommendations of things to try (this is where the skincare comes in), links to thought-provoking articles to read. Come join the community of over 4,000 people looking to live life with more reflection and intention. 

"Thank you for this gem you put out into the world and for modeling a perfect balance of bravery, funny self-awareness and vulnerability."

"This is one of the few newsletters I subscribe to that I actually read, so I love what you’re doing — the length, the content, your voice are all great! Thank you for the bright spot in my Sunday!"

You can learn more about Catherine and her coaching at
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